Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Internet from a Small Beginning to a Giant

Here I am on this Computer logging onto this fine Site to Write this Blog and look at the Photos and check out all this neat Stuff. I can say Thank You to the Government as the First use of the Internet was simple Message that Failed not to Deliver the full Text of I think 2 or 3 Words. It was the 1st effort of One Computer to Talk to another Computer. I Think it was in 1972 and the Modem Device in it's Infancy as a larger Bulky Item You needed to put Your Phone Receiver into in order to go Online.

Which took up much Space as did the Big Bulky Computer and it was Slow but since We didn't know much about Computers we thought it was a Thing used in Governments as it was but thought of to make one for the Public to use in His or Her Home. We never thought it would be so popular and help use do so many Things to make our Lives simpler. Now the Modem is built in the Computer and we either have the Dial-up Service or a DSL or Cable Modem and it is super quick. We can Shop, Pay Bills and View Statements, Download Stuff and talk with Family & Friends. You got a Great Reference Tool to Search for so many Things as the local World and International World is at Your Finger Tips.

You can just about Buy Anything available in any Store and for much less than Shopping in a Store. You can find Friends as the Distance maybe to Far to Travel to but a Message can be sent at anytime to any place You want. You can find a Mate like never before as they say We are all Connected. You wan to know something like Geography, History, Word Spelling & Definitions all You need to do is to look it up on the Internet, It is all listed on the Information Super Highway as we know it. It is an excellent Place to learn Things as Schools, Governments, Reference Materials are the Next best Thing to going to a School are Online in One Form or Another. You even got Religions off all Faiths on the Net and all the Famous Houses of Worship in Pictures as they are Old and Designed a lot different than what we see today.

A must see for All as their are just so Unique and a thing of Wonder. You can see so many Photo's of Famous Places, People, Things Living and Not, that are a part of our World. You take Medicine, Cook or Drink look it up and know more about it and how to do it better or where it comes from. Check Your Email to see Who Wrote You a Letter without a Stamp or a Trip to the Post Office, just Log onto Your Local Internet Service Provider or ISP and a few Clicks of the Mouse and Your Online like being 1st on the Line at the Supermarket and all Your Groceries are Rung up and Packed in 30 Seconds. It is just Amazing What Piece of Wire can do and How Fast the Internet Travels.